Dragon Plushie patterns

Someone on Cut Out and Keep was asking about some Dragon Plushie patterns she wanted to make for her boyfriend. I did a search to try to find some patterns for her, and found these little cuties. (Unfortunately, turns out these patterns won’t work for her, but I found them to be adorable, so I just may make one for myself.

There are four free dragon plush patterns on the site, plus one bat. The patterns vary in difficulty. The shoulder dragon (green one pictured above) seems fairly complicated, while the bean bag (white one) looks pretty straightforward.

I’d love to be able to make the shoulder dragon. He’d look so great sitting on my shoulder at the Ren Faire! Hmm… wonder if I can get my sewing skills up to that level by September…

Anyway. Leave me a comment below. Do you like seeing free patterns on this blog? Do you want to see more links to tutorials? And what type of projects are you interested in? Plushies? Home decor? Jewelry? Clothing? Let me know 🙂


2 responses to “Dragon Plushie patterns

  1. thank you…..i made the bean bag one for my boyfriend last year and it got lost in a move…..i had thrown out the pattern while cleaning and was soo afraid i wouldnt be able to find it again…..i googled “stuffed dragon patterns” and this blog came up…..now I will be able to make him a new one as a surprise for his birthday….so again thank you!

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